Caddying is part of golf's heritage, the way golf was meant to be played.

Being a caddie is a great summer job for young people. Along with being a vital part of the game of golf, it encourages personal and professional growth. Caddies can gain great work ethic, solid morals and etiquette from this experience. At Walnut Creek, we train our caddies to be proficient at carrying the golfer’s bag, pacing yardages, replacing divots, raking bunkers and attending the flagstick. Our members are encouraged to take a caddie when they golf, and as many as 70 caddies work at our club each season.

The Evans Scholars Foundation, overseen by the Western Golf Association, is a charitable trust that provides full, four-year tuition and housing scholarships for deserving caddies.

Scholarship recipients are selected based on a strong caddie record, excellent grades, outstanding character and financial need. A select number of scholarships are awarded throughout the country each year. Through Walnut Creek’s support, including a Bag Tag Program and Par Club donations, we have made it possible for ten caddies at Walnut Creek to be honored with an Evans Scholarship.

2024 Caddie Information Coming Soon

Do You Want to be a Caddie at Walnut Creek?

To be a caddie you must: 
  • Be 13 years old by May 1
  • Must be able to attend a training session-2024 TBA
  • Must have knowledge of the game of golf
  • Must be able to carry a bag while walking at a moderate pace for five miles
  • Must be motivated
  • Must submit a short summary as to why you are pursuing this position and the qualities you have to offer

If you are interested in caddying at Walnut Creek in 2024, please fill out the form in link below!


Contact Sean Hackman, Outdoor Services Manager, net for more information about caddying at Walnut Creek.